The Benefits of Home Alarm Systems

Many people have found that professionally installed home alarm systems provide a myriad of benefits. There are some obvious ways that having an alarm system can bless a home, as well as a few good ways that are lesser known. This article hopes to point out some of those benefits that come from having a home alarm system in your home.Theif 464021341

Deters Potential Crimes

The main point of home alarm systems is to keep burglars away from your home. They have been statistically proven to deter nine out of ten burglars from entering a home.  Anything that makes a house harder to break into will decrease the likelihood of a break-in, and a home alarm system takes a variety of forms to provide the best forms of protection.

The fact of the matter is burglars are looking for easy targets. Generally speaking a burglary only takes 60 seconds for the burglar to get in and out with what he wants. They want to get in and out quickly, and home alarm systems slow down that process. They also speed up response time, which means a burglar has to move at a slower pace with less time to perform the crime.

Faster Responses from Law Enforcement to Emergencies

Not only will a good home alarm system call law enforcement when a burglary is in process, it can help speed the response when children or seniors need medical attention in an emergency. Wireless transmitters can trigger home alarm systems if assistance is needed. Panic buttons can be set up throughout the house or can be carried by members of your family that may need medical attention fast. Emergency response agencies will be immediately notified when the panic button is pressed. They can also include two-way intercoms so that whoever needs assistance can speak directly to the operator if a phone cannot be easily reached. This can be extremely useful for those who may not be mobile enough to get to a phone quickly.

Control Your Home Remotely

Privacy concept Secure Access on smartphone 459675771Did you know that you can access and control your home protection even when you are away from home? There is no need to fear if you have left a window open or a door unlocked anymore. Most home security alarm systems now come with the ability to alert you through text, email or app . Your home alarm system will advise you of whatever is left open in your home. You can also be alerted when there is activity in your home, such as someone entering in your home or lights being turned off or on. There are many alarm systems that will even send you a direct video feed from your home security cameras to your phone, tablet, or other device that grants you online access. They can work as nanny cams or help to make sure children reach home safely from school. All of these home alarm systems are extremely accessible and customizable, which means you can tailor fit the system to meet your exact needs.

Discounts on your Home Insurance

Did you know that having a home security system can save you money? Not only do they protect your assets, but they also help lower the premium on your homeowner’s insurance. And it is no small discount! According to an article from the Insurance Information Institute, some companies provide a discount of sometimes nearly 20% just for installing a sophisticated sprinkler system in addition to an electronic security system that is monitored 24/hrs a day and can access emergency response. There is a perfectly good reason for insurance companies to offer these gigantic discounts. Parents with baby and mother with cell phone 89791804There is a much lower chance that an insurance company will have to cover losses caused by a home invasion. Your home security system protects your insurance company as much as it protects you. In essence, you become much less of a risk for your insurer.

There are many great reasons for having a home alarm system installed in your home. Only a few of which have been mentioned in this article. Just remember what it is you are trying to protect, and you will find all the benefits completely outweigh any reason you could think of not to get a home alarm system.