Motion Sensors in Home Security Systems Comparison

diagram-146967394When looking into home security systems comparison it is important to look into all the details. Breaking down the components helps in figuring out which security system will work best for you. Motion sensors are key factors in making a successful home security system. Motion detectors are incredible pieces of technology that can detect movement in a number of different ways. Motion detectors set off the alarm when an intruder comes in. They can set everything in motion to get the appropriate authorities to your home. They also will send you notifications when your home has been broken into. There are many different kinds of sensors out there, and it is important to know what they are and how they function.

Various Sensors on the Market

Photoelectric sensors are really great for specific areas that you want to detect motion in as they usually are not known for their wide-range capabilities. There are two main components: a sender and a receiver. The sender emits a tiny light beam, which is received and detected by the receiver, which placed directly opposite. This can work in a small space or across a room on opposite walls. If the light beam is ever interrupted, say, by an intruder, the receiver will detect it and trigger the alarm.

Ultrasound detectors are very classic motion detectors. They use ultrasound waves to determine the placement of objects around them, and if anything moves, the reflected waves that they receive back indicate the movement, automatically triggering an alarm. These are great for indoor areas without pets.

Infrared, or PIR detectors, rather detect and monitor the infrared heat energy of the environment around them. Today’s advancements in technology make it harder for these to give off false alarms, as they will only be affected by the presence of human body heat, which is certainly a sudden, very hot energy source. These are the best options for outdoor motion detectors, as they won’t be set off by movement such as rustling trees or even scurrying critters. Only human presence will set them off.

Motion sensors can make or break a home security system. They are great for sending the warning that someone is entering your home. With advances in technology, there are many different options that have become available.

Placing Sensors

Infrared motion sensor 466282673Placement of motion detectors can also play an important role in how well the motion detectors work. Make sure that there is nothing blocking the motion detector when it has been set up.

Getting to know the individual components of an alarm system can be very beneficial when choosing which home security system you want to go with. There are more options available than the ones mentioned above. Think about talking to a professional for installation purposes. Professionals have experience in installing each component of a home security system and may even be able to bring up ideas that you haven’t thought of yet. Remember that this is a very important decision that concerns your family’s safety, so make sure that your decision it the right one. Call 866-565-4305 to speak with a professional about your options.